Engineering Design

JINBO’s main products are LED power supply (also been called as transformer/converter/adapter), we believe this product basic feature/function is provide “stable and reliable” electricity to the LEDs. The whole design process is oriented from this concept.

For now we have 15 engineers leading by rich experienced R&D leader, 100% of them are college/university graduate, dozens of new models is launching every year to meet rapid changing LED market.


For users’ information, we’d like to reveal part of frequent used professional softwares and hardwares. Software: Protel DXP, OrCAD, Multisim. Hardware: Tektronix Oscilloscope and accessories include probes,  B+K Precision Electronic Loads...etc.



As generally our products design is based on demand-pull innovation, the design solution may be the development of a new Power Supply or developing a product (for example widen one models’ input range from 170~250V to 100~250V) that's Power Supply on the market.


We are open for customized developing and manufacturing, please contact our sales team for more information.



Tel: +86-756-2256343 Fax: +86-756-2256723 Post Code: 519060
Address: Zone B, 2 Hongda Rd, Nanping, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China   E-mail: [email protected]
Products Range: LED Power Supply, LED Driver, LED Controller, Power Supply, Switching Power Supply, SMPS, LED Materials, Neon Transformer, Neon Materials
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