What are the differences about the names of Converter / LED driver / Power Supply / Power Pack / Adapter?

Question: What are the differences about the names of Converter / LED driver / Transformer / Power Supply / Power Pack / Power Source / Adapter?


Generally speaking, they are same product, but each words has its meaning tendency
Converter: Mainly been used in European countries.

LED driver: Because the formal name of constant current LED power supply is LED driver and constant current type is mostly used in LED lighting industry, so people prefer to say LED driver when talking about LED lightings’ stuffs.

Transformer: in illuminating sign business, many people are used to say transformer.

Power Supply: A popular name in North America and Asia Pacific, now also widely used worldwide.

Power Pack: Usually been used in British Commonwealth of nations.

Power Source: A general name of power supply in electrical & mechanic industries.

Adapter: Usually it particularly means plastic housing laptop’s adapter looking power supply.

Below words are also means same/similar product, we produce them all.
FUENTE (Español & Português)
ALIMENTATION (Français& Español)
KONVERTER (Deutsche)






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