Brief History and Milestones about our company.

2014   Universal Approvals Series launched.  
2012   SHEZHEN office and SHANGHAI branch started operating.
2010   New R&D Center established for LED driver specially.
2009   Annual production capacity reached to 5,000,000 pieces.
2007   The third production plant started operating.
2005   Awarded “The Most Valuable Company” of the year by local Industry Association.
2004   Started to develop LED Power Supplies.
2003   Annual production capacity reached to 3,000,000 pieces.
2002   The second production plant started run.
2001   Enter into Switching Power Supply production.
1999   “First-Class Enterprise” title awarded by CNAA.
1996   Annual production capacity reached to 5000,000 pieces  power supplies.
1995   Star model JNB-206B launched.
1994   Engaged in the design and production of electronic power supplies for neon & CCFL lightings.
1993   Founded in ZHUHAI city, Guangdong province, China.

Tel: +86-756-2256343 Fax: +86-756-2256723 Post Code: 519060
Address: Zone B, 2 Hongda Rd, Nanping, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China   E-mail: [email protected]
Products Range: LED Power Supply, LED Driver, LED Controller, Power Supply, Switching Power Supply, SMPS, LED Materials, Neon Transformer, Neon Materials
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